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Your location becomes visible and bookable on multiple travel booking platforms for millions of travelers. In light of Covid-19, we also distribute your digital content. We do global marketing for free and unlock a new revenue stream for you. Don’t miss out on travelers and remote bookers!

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The Concept of BODDY

We collect your data, standardize and distribute it to travel booking platforms. By doing so, your club becomes visible and bookable for millions of potential clients.

You can manage your bookings in our easy-to-use dashboard to have a real-time overview of all incoming bookings and revenues.

To get listed, all you have to do is upload your studio data and tickets. This can be easily done through our interface or through your own studio software.

We run purely commission based. No running costs or hidden fees. We do global marketing for you, for free.

Upload basic club data such as description, pictures, or opening hours. In addition, you can upload dynamic data by creating tickets with corresponding prices (day passes, memberships, classes, online workouts, personal trainings, etc.). Your offers will then be listed on multiple booking platforms with millions of potential clients.
Your club will be listed on multiple booking platforms at the same time. Typically, these are global and regional OTAs (online travel agencies), but also airlines, hotels and other travel touchpoints can be potential distribution channels.
No matter from which channel you receive bookings, BODDY will provide you a clear and structured overview in our easy-to-handle dashboard. If you are already using a studio management software, we can integrate it for you to make your life easier.
BODDY does not charge a subscription fee for its service. We only benefit if you benefit. Alignment of interest is paramount. BODDY works commission based and of course, your club keeps the lion’s share of booking income that we generate for you. Your share will be automatically transferred to your bank account.

How to get started


Describe your Location

Show the world what makes your location unique. Upload pictures, add your opening hours, create a description and select the amenities that fits best for you.


Create Tickets

Create your own tickets. That can be a day-pass or multi-entry ticket, regular memberships, group classes, a personal trainer or even a virtual workout to capitalize on this booming segment.


Add Payment Details

Add your bank details so we can automatically send your share of the booking revenue on a monthly basis. You are now ready to receive bookings.

Compelling benefits

Reach millions of potential clients

We are connected to multiple large-scale distribution channels with a global reach. Through BODDY, you will be listed on all of these.

No running costs or hidden fees

BODDY is completely free to use and only takes a commission for every successful booking. Alignment of interest is paramount.

More clients = more revenues

We do global marketing for you for free. Through BODDY, you will become visible and bookable to millions of travelers around the world.

Automated payment process

You don’t need to take care of payments. We take care of the integration and your revenues will be automatically transferred to your account.

Integration of your software

We provide our proprietary software for free. If you use your own management software, we will do the integration for you.

No work to be done on your end

Through our real-time integration, you can fill up free spaces and enhance turnover to increase efficiency of your class offerings.


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