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People want to stick to their workout routine while traveling. Be an early adapter of fitness and unlock a new revenue stream in your experiences portfolio.

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Fitness Clubs

Whether it is a trendy boutique studio, a classic box-gym or a 24/7 facility, we make them all available on your platform.


Group Classes

Group exercise is today’s fitness trend number one. Travelers can socialize while sweating in a spinning class or taking a time-out with fellow Yogi(ni)s.


Personal Trainers

Travelers want to feel part of the local community. They are keen on experiencing a 1:1 session with a local PT in a local environment.

Standardized Data

We globally standardize data of fitness clubs, group classes and personal trainers. In light of Covid-19, we also added digital content (online workouts) to our portfolio. Any travel booking platform (OTAs, Airlines, Hotels, Travel Apps) can access our database to offer the content to their clients. BODDY delivers the data according to your requirements and is your SPOC for all fitness related offerings.


There are 5 easy options to obtain data from BODDY. We built a customized interface for partners which allows for a straightforward integration. To register, please click here.


Search API

The best and most sophisticated option is to use our Search API that takes all the work of searching and filtering through data and offers wide range of filtering, ordering and faceted navigation.

Static API

If you already have database and search algorithms in place then Static API option might be a good fit for you. It simply gives you the ability to download and keep updated our entire offers database to your server.

Channel Manager

We are also connected to several channel managers which can push data directly to you.

Manual Upload

If automated integration is not an option for you, it is possible for us to manually upload our offers to your website. Please note that as a technology company, we are not a big fan of manual upload :-)


This is best if you want to start selling your offers immediately while maintaining a seamless customer experience. It provides you with pre-built web pages for users to be able to browse offers, view details, and pay. You can customize it according to your CI including custom domain.
The Global Economy of Physical Activity

According to Global Wellness Institute, people spend USD 384 p.a. for fitness activities.

Fitness Penetration Rates on the Rise

According to the UK Leisure DB, the UK fitness penetration has soared by 46% since 2012.

Activities Undertaken in a Foreign Destination

According to Arival, 18% of people participate in sporting activities while traveling.

WHO Global Action Plan 2030

Part of WHO’s vision is to create environments for people to be become more active around the world.

Global Travel Industry Trends

According to Deloitte, wellness represents an opportunity to elevate travel experiences for health-conscious consumers.

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