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BODDY promotes your trainings on multiple travel booking platforms to make you visible for millions of potential clients. Unlock a new revenue stream by offering your service to global travelers!

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How BODDY works










Upload basic club data such as description, pictures, or opening hours. In addition, you can upload dynamic data by creating tickets with corresponding prices (day passes, memberships, classes, online workouts, personal trainings, etc.). Your offers will then be listed on multiple booking platforms with millions of potential clients.

Compelling benefits

We scale the demand while you personally take care of your clients. BODDY helps you attract new clients at virtually zero cost. We distribute your service on multiple online travel platforms. Millions of health-conscious travelers are waiting to book your PT service while being abroad.

Free global marketing

We do global marketing for you for free. Through BODDY, you will become visible and bookable to millions of travelers around the world.

Grow your turnover

Through our real-time integration, you can fill up free spaces and enhance turnover to increase efficiency of your class offerings.

Unlock a new revenue stream

As we are connected to global travel booking platforms, you can now target a complementary customer segment: travelers.

Make new friends & win new clients

Through BODDY, you will not only be able to attract more clients, it will also give you the possibility to establish personal relations.

Nice to Know

Travelers aren’t regular clients. They like personalized trainings and extraordinary experiences. Feel free to offer them an outside session or show them the city while running. Make travelers feel like locals. Of course, regular indoor PT sessions as your base offering is totally fine!


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